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7 Sycamore Lane 

 Blogger, novelist and follower of Jesus 

The desire to see Jesus in the midst of my everyday walk 

About Me
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Hey there! Welcome to 7 Sycamore Lane!

I'm Sharon, a middle-aged, single-again, Christ-follower, traveling an unexpected route in life.


You see, my life didn’t go according to my plan. I believed in happily-ever-after. Prince Charming. A quaint, ivy covered cottage with a white picket fence and a rose garden. I expected to be the cookie-baking, craft-making Girl Scout mom, cheering on my brood at ballgames, and displaying home cooked meals on a perfectly set table to an appreciative husband and family.

But, life didn’t go according to my plan. A major life event, which I did not willingly choose, changed the direction of my life. Yet, I can honestly say that the detour has been an amazing journey, exceedingly abundantly more than I could ask or think!

Several years ago, I was challenged in a Bible study to write a mission statement for my life. I took the challenge seriously; I desperately wanted to know my purpose in life, have direction, and make a difference. I spent time in prayer, pulled out old yearbooks, and read through old journals, and discovered the common theme. What gave me the greatest joy and sense of purpose was when I had the opportunity to encourage others. From there, my mission statement evolved:

To encourage, either by spoken or written word, those that the Lord puts in my path or brings to mind; and to earn the right to share with them the source of joy and peace.

Excited to have defined my calling, I searched for opportunities to encourage others. Recently, I felt led to step out of my comfort zone and share my experiences and lessons learned, and the concept for 7 Sycamore Lane evolved.

As I pondered a name, I thought of my life’s journey. I am on a lane, the less traveled road, where I anticipate what is around the next curve.  Sycamore? Well, that is the tree that the Bible records Zacchaeus climbed to see Jesus. In everything I write and share, it is my hope that you will see Jesus at work in my life. And, seven is the number of completion.  All together, it hints of a destination…a place to stop and stay awhile.


It is my greatest desire to offer encouragement from my little Lane in the big blogging world.


Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!




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