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My Sitting Place

I woke up early this morning, unsettled.

A multitude of little spiritual, mental and physical things, collectively, were causing me to feel as if my life was out of control. I fumbled through the day. I couldn’t focus. I was frazzled. I fretted. And now here I was, on my day off, frustrated that I was wide-awake long before the sun.

So, I went out on the porch. In the dark.

I hadn’t been in my favorite sitting place for several weeks. The oppressive heat and humidity had kept me inside.

I sit quietly.

Twinkling stars dance across the purplish dark blue sky. Venus shines brightly against the eastern sky. Silvery moonlight spills across the yard. Night creatures rustle in the shadows. The crickets chirp. A near-by gecko barks.

I stare at Venus and ponder the heavenlies. I feel small and insignificant. Here I am looking, with my human eye, at a planet that is millions of miles away; yet it’s light is more brilliant than the streetlight a few houses away. I visualize the hand of my Creator flinging galaxies into existence.

I turn on a lamp. Instantly, I am bathed in warm radiant, and comforting, light. The lamplight veils the world beyond my porch. I reach for my Bible and pause to read the page to which I opened.

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of Heaven’s Armies. ~ Psalm 84:1

I, again, ponder the creation of the heavens made by my Lord; the God in whom I serve, trust and desire to obey. The God with whom I long to dwell.

I smooth out my blank journal page and start to journal my thoughts and prayers. I hash out my threatening fears and anxieties. I know the source of my fears and anxieties; I also know the Solution. Yet again, I have been focusing on my fear, not on my Heavenly Father.

Before I know it, sunbeams fill my sitting place. I peek at the clock; over an hour has passed. The sky is now rose gold. Birds chirp noisily and flit about. Squirrels scurry along the fence.

The sun, filtering through a crepe myrtle blossom, lures me off the porch. It beckons me to get closer and take a photo; to capture this moment in time. I walk barefoot across the wet grass. The scent of warming earth tantalizes my senses. Snippet memories of barefoot child summers drift through my mind. The cicadas awaken, bringing even more fond memories of hot summers spent on a small country farm in North Carolina.

What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord,

who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. ~ Psalm 84:5

Mission accomplished, I return to my sitting place on the porch. My burden is less heavy. I feel as if the breath of Heaven has breathed upon me. I am strengthened.

The sun inches above the tree line and warm sunbeams turn to hot sunrays. The volume of the cicada’s song increases.

For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.

He gives us grace and glory.

The Lord will withhold no good thing

from those who do what is right. ~ Psalm 84: 11

I consider leaving my sitting place and tackling my to-do list. Instead, I move to a chair out of the direct sunlight. And I sit. Listening. Observing. Anticipating.

O Lord of Heaven’s Armies,

what joy for those who trust in you. ~ Psalm 84:12

Joy stirs in the depths of my soul. I am vividly aware of everything around me.

The sun has shifted and shade has settled. The breeze has has stilled. The cicadas have quieted. I move to my sitting place.

The multitude of little things now seem insignificant. I no longer feel unraveled. I feel steady and focused. I am peaceful. I am renewed. I have been quiet in the Presence of the One who is control of all things.

I am so thankful the Lord is faithful to meet with me at any time and any where. I am especially thankful He meets with me in my favorite sitting place.

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