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If Walls Could Talk

"...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." ~ Joshua 24:15

Today I have been in my house for 25 years. I recently posted a light-hearted blurb on social media about being in my home for all these years...but there is so much more. I have been pondering about if these walls could talk what would they say? I have concluded, if these walls did talk they would say my home was...

God-orchestrated. I learned about the property in a casual conversation with a coworker. It was in a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone, and there were block parties and progressive dinners. It was a place where I would feel safe when my husband was working nights. For at least 18 months, a "For Sale by Owner" sign hung in our condo window with not so much as a single call. We decided to go ahead and build. On the very afternoon we signed with a builder, someone called about the condo. They made a full-price offer and allowed us to rent back from them until the house was done. And, our house was completed in 72 days!

God-protected. I had been in the house for a little over a year when my husband left the marriage. Yet, here I was, in a home where I felt safe alone. I was surrounded by neighbors who looked out for me..and more than once, came to my rescue chasing mice, eliminating snakes, and helping with home repairs.

God-provided. When my husband left, my income was literally cut in half. There was no way I should have been able to afford to keep the house...yet, each month I had just enough to make the mortgage payment. While I did work hard, promotions and bonuses seemed to come my way often, quickly putting me in a more stable financial position. I was able to refinance the loan in my own name...and by the favor of God, paid off my mortgage early.

God-filled. When I first moved in the house, I was not walking with the Lord. I had strayed...I was an unintentional prodigal child. I had been out of church for a long time. Yet, when my marriage ended, from that very first moment, I sensed the Lord’s presence. And His presence - His peace and joy - continues to fill my home.

God-blessed. The Lord has allowed me to make this a home, surrounded by things I find pleasing. When I was in need of a new roof and carpeting...I got it, courtesy of Hurricane Ivan. An overgrown easement behind the house, which was an eyesore until I put up a privacy fence, has ultimately become the source of delightful country-like night sounds. I treasure mornings on my backporch.

A quarter-century ago, I had plans and expectations. My life didn’t go according to my plans - and I am so grateful. The Lord has orchestrated, protected, provided, filled and blessed, more than I could begin to ask or think.

So as this day comes to a close, I have a grateful heart. In all that I do, my desire is to honor and glorify the Lord...within these walls and beyond.

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