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Unexpected Blessing

I’m sitting on my back porch, on a delightful cool night, with an overwhelmed, grateful heart. The Lord gave me an unexpected blessing and it brings tears to my eyes.

I finally had new windows installed. While I had hurricane panels, since I am not able to physically install them and can’t depend on others for help when a hurricane is inbound, I saved for replacement impact-resistant windows. After the windows were installed, I was filled with relief. I knew the windows were a blessing and I was so thankful for the peace of mind.

But that wasn’t all…

In preparation for the install, I had to take down my plantation blinds. After the windows were in, I started reinstalling my blinds. However, I made an unexpected decision not to put my blinds back up in the kitchen and breakfast area; instead I decided to make simple cafe curtains.

And I was not expecting to be overwhelmed…


That one little change changed everything.

For the first time in 28 years, I had an unobstructed view out of my kitchen window. When the black- and-white buffalo check curtains billowed, the breeze ushered in a fresh sense of delight. I turned to look around. While filled with vintage farmhouse items I have spent years collecting, the kitchen seemed to have taken on a new life of its own. The colors were more vivid, the room more cozy. The hundred-year-old vintage farmhouse table from eastern Europe seemed to whisper, “I’m home.” I felt like I was standing in a kitchen I didn’t know I wanted…and it was so much better than I could have ever imagined.

And I realized the spiritual application of it all…

I have been struggling to walk out my faith and trust God in a big decision. It has been a long wait with some really hard days.


If the Lord loves me enough to unexpectedly bless me with something small that He knows will delight me, I am overwhelmed when I think of what He will do in the “big” things.

So as I sit here tonight, in the cool of the night, listening to the steady hum of the crickets, I keep glancing in my window. I feel overwhelmingly loved by my Lord. And I anticipate what He is going to do!

I am going to watch God work!

Delight yourself in the Lord,

and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~ Psalm 37:4

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. ~ Ephesians 3:20

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