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I See You

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Recently, I was chatting with a mother and her older daughter; her younger daughter stood quietly on the periphery. As our short conversation ended, I made eye contract with the young teen.

I was caught off guard. I recognized the look in her eyes.

It was a look of longing. Longing to be noticed. Longing to be sought out. Longing to be included. Longing to be affirmed.

I felt that way when I was her age.

I longed to be noticed by the cool kids. I longed to be sought out by them. I longed to be included in their clique. Because if they noticed me, sought me out, and included me, then I was good enough.

But I wasn’t noticed. I wasn’t sought out. I wasn’t included. And my conclusion was that I wasn’t good enough.

Honestly, that longing followed me into adulthood. I often stood on the periphery, unnoticed, not sought out, and uninvited. I wrestled with self-worth.

Even now, there are times when I stand on the periphery. I’m not noticed by the who’s-whos. I’m not sought out to be included in their exclusive group. And that is okay.

I have learned who I am in Christ.

He sees me. He sought me out, includes me and deems me worthy. I am created by Him, in His image, and for His good purpose.


I must notice others. I need to seek them out and include them. I need to make sure they know I see them. Especially now, with the mask mandates.

So, I see you young girl with the bright eyes. I will make it a point to stop and engage you in conversation, genuinely interested in what’s going on in your world.

I see you college-age cashier. I see your weary eyes, tired from balancing your studies with work. I will make it a point to engage you in conversation.

I see you, sir, standing watch at the base. I will greet you each morning and thank you for your service.

I see you, ma’am, checking in patients.

I see you fellow shopper.

I see you…

And it is not by chance that I see you.

So if for only a moment in time, even in passing, and as long as my mouth is hidden by a mask, I will do my best to acknowledge that I see you.

I will speak and smile with my eyes.

Because you are worth noticing.

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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