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In my quiet time, I have started using Dr. Tony Evan’s book, Praying Through the Names of God, and using his framework of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication, to journal my prayers. While I am not sure how much of my personal journey I will be led to share, I sense I am to be transparent with my first entry. (Please note, I am a simple follower of Christ sharing my discovery and journey through prayer, not a professional, well-versed theologian!)

Elohim, the strong Creator God

In the beginning God [Elohim] created the heavens and the earth.

The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.

- Genesis 1:1-2

Adoration. Elohim, I stand amazed at Your creation. You spoke into being the universe and all it contains: the stars, moon, sun and planets. You painted your skies beautiful, colored the mountains majestic and the vast seas deep. Your earth spins steadily on its axis, suspendend in the space of nothingness. I can’t comprehend how a baby is intricately formed in the womb. Or how You speak life into being and tell life when to cease. You tell the wind when and where to blow, no man has the ability to change its direction — only to attempt to predict and lasso. How do the oceans know their defined boundaries and the rivers where to flow? How does the sun know the exact time to rise and set? The seasons to change at their appointed time? O, how I adore Your creation!

Confession. Elohim, forgive me. You created me. You appointed the exact time for me to be formed in my mother’s womb. You gave me a heartbeat, then gave me breath. Yet knowing this, I still struggle to fully trust You. I am quick to see — and tremble with fear at — my perceived giants, when I should be trembling in awe and amazement at Your greatness. Your power. Faithfulness. Goodness. Mercy and truth. Even now, may Your Holy Spirit empower me to surrender my doubts and fears and rest in Your power.

Thanksgiving. Elohim, I am thankful You know Your creation intimately. I am thankful that, not only am I Your creation, I am Your child.

Supplication. Elohim, create in me a new heart, one that is fixed on You, steadfast and trusting and does not waver when the storms come. Create in me a new mind, one that is fixed on You, believing You have good things in store for me and not stones of disappointment and rejection. Create in me new eyes, ones that are fixed on You, that continually see Your goodness and mercy. Create in me a bold confidence to continually tell my story of Your faithful work in the minutest details of my life.

Elohim, Creator of all things, to You be all glory, honor and praise.

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