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The bird population in my yard has increased. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees and Sparrows perch on tree limbs, singing and chirping loudly. My resident cardinal’s song accompanies the sunrise; its spring song seems to be more joyful than its winter song. The elusive Carolina chickadee, my favorite bird, has ventured closer and is watching me from a low branch of a river birch. I hold my breath, hoping to actually see it sing. Instead it takes flight and sings from high in the oak tree. Its song is robust and frequent. Sparrows hop on the ground, persistently pecking for breakfast.

Squirrels scurry along the fence, pounce on a tree branch and jump from limb to limb, tree to tree. A game of chase starts and interrupts the peaceful morning. The excited squirrels create a ruckus as they race around the tree trunks, barking loudly.

Brilliant fuchsia blossoms adorn the row of azalea bushes. Branches of new growth stand tall; their bright green leaves contrast the established darker leaves. The bees are busy collecting nectar and pollen, buzzing from one flower to another.

The oaks trees have shed their leaves, covering the ground with a layer of brown. The limbs are now laden with bright green. The vibrant growth is especially noticeable this year, erasing the evidence of Hurricane Sally’s brutal visit last September. New branches are emerging on scarred tree trunks. A cluster of healthy green foliage sprouts from a tree stump.

Blades of awakening grass are pushing through the carpet of dead leaves.

Creation is renewing itself, changing moment-by-moment, right before my eyes. The new growth overshadows the remnants of a hard winter.

Excitement stirs in my spirit. Hope, which had grown dormant in the dreariness of my soul’s winter, is renewed.

It is a new day in a new season.

And I rejoice.

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, this person is a new creation; the old things passed away;

behold, new things have come. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

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